Goadby Marwood is one Leicestershire's most beautiful villages, situated a few miles from the Vale of Belvoir.  Most of the houses are built from locally mined ironstone and some date from as early as the 1600s.

One of the major attractions is its quiet and very rural situation. There is only one road in, and out, of the village, although a few deranged visitors have been known to venture through to Wycomb via the gated road in the bovine dominated field at the bottom end of the village. No record exists of what became of them.

The village has no pub or shop, but it does boast a Post Office of approximately 50 sq. ft that opens for at least 2 hours a week. That's exactly the way we like it.

The village is a wonderful place to bring up children, although teenagers may find the lack of transport facilities frustrating.

Modesty prevents Goadby Marwood inhabitants from disclosing the fact that only really nice people live in the village.  Tourist attractions include the legendary Llamas and the "fish ponds".

Goadby Sunrise Timelapse